Sunday Feb 11, 2018


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Level Ups: ---
Masteries: Dite (dragonage2), Fina (adele25)

Game Updates

Site Games: Group A / Group B

New decks

You may take a total of 4 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.


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Took thesims302, thesims309, zoolander17, zoolander18, thanks!

took inception01, thesims320, thevampirediariesseason806, zoolander13

New Decks: inception14, inception20, zoolander04, thesims309.

New Decks: thesims301, thesims302, zoolander01, zoolander02

Thank you!

took thevampirediariesseason820, zoolander18, zoolander19, zoolander20, inception01, inception01

New decks: thevampirediariesseason801, thevampirediariesseason820, inception01, inception20


PS I was wondering why this new Vampire Diaries deck has been named thevampirediariesseason8, when the previous one is just tvdseason5.

PPS I noticed that the Deadpool deck and master badge have 'deckname' on the instead of 'deadpool'

inception08, thesims302, thevampirediariesseason809, zoolander03

New Decks: inception06, thesims303, thevampirediariesseason802, zoolander06

New Decks: inception13, inception14, tvdseason806, tvdseason807

Thank you! :)

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