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Wednesday Dec 06, 2017


New members: Jenny. Welcome!
Level Ups: ---
Masteries: ---

Game Updates

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Cover is opening its doors!

I have been away from tcgs for a while due to personal things and sickness. I am back now, and I wanted to come back with a smaller tcg that does not take that much maintenance from my side. So, Cover is here! It's a tcg that features cover images of all kinds on puzzle decks, which means it's a lot easier for me to make decks for it. That does not mean that I don't like donations though ;)

Most of the games are fully automated, so I won't have to spend that much time on this one as I did with my previous tcgs, where the work became so much that it eventually ran me over and I got nothing done... I hope that slimming down the new tcg works a lot better for me, while still being fun for you :D

You can now register, and I will make sure to approve new members asap, so you can start playing!

I am aware that the news comment section isn't working yet. I am looking into it.
There's also some minor display issues on other skins than the default (Gilmore Girls). I will take care of those asap.

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