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On this page you can find the updates with information on new members, level ups, new decks, etc. Please note that I will not post an update each week. If there is no update by me, you may still play the game group A once per week and vote for unreleased decks.

Sunday Dec 31, 2017


New members: Karen. Welcome!
Level Ups: Catie (level 2), Mio (level 2)
Masteries: ---

Game Updates

Site Games: Group A / Group B

New decks

You may take a total of 8 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Happy New Year!!!
I come with the tcg opening and double deck releases! You can also take 3 choice cards from at least 2 different decks. I hope all of you had/will have a nice new years celebration.


Referrals: ---
take your prizes here

Bug Fixes

Fixed several visual issues with the alternate designs

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