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Tuesday Dec 26, 2017


New members: Dite, Fina, Guinevere, Lex. Welcome!
Level Ups: ---
Masteries: ---

Game Updates

Site Games: Group A / Group B / Group C

New decks

You may take a total of 4 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone who is celebrating had a nice holidays. Please take 4 choice cards from 4 different decks as a present from me :D
Next week, prejoin will end and I will do a double release week. Because of that, you can vote for upcoming decks twice this week, but please don't vote for the same deck 10 times. I will see that ;) I also added many new decks to the upcoming list. Some donations are not done yet (sorry!), but I'll get to making those soon.
I also thought about giving more rewards from games as we are getting more released decks, to not make it too hard to collect the cards you want and have some to trade with others. What are your thoughts on this? Is it currently good as it is or do you feel it's too hard to get the cards you desire?


Referrals: Breanne, Fina, Pam, Jenny
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